All Alone
Sefi Zisling

Released: 9 May 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Renowned jazz and funk trumpeter Sefi Zisling releases his rendition of Mal Waldron’s “All Alone”. The cover is accompanied by five original compositions, including the previous single “Brothers”, on his upcoming album ‘The Librarian’, which blends classic elements with psychedelic funk, soul, and spiritual jazz – out Friday 14th June on vinyl and digital.

The final track on the album, “All Alone”, was made in collaboration with trombonist Yaron Ouzana (The Apples) and Eyal Talmudi on tenor saxophone. Between them, the band recreated the magic and awe that Sefi felt when he first encountered Mal Waldron’s repertoire. Through their interpretation, they skilfully incorporate Mal’s bold style and signature repetition with improvisation, exploring the depths of dark harmonies. The instrumental arrangement is marked by thoughtful minimalism, echoing the simplicity and humility that Sefi sought to evoke.

“One day while listening to Waldron’s beautiful solo piano album, I had a picture in my mind of a brass ensemble in which each musician is one of his fingers on the piano, and I thought and believed it could be a beautiful and touching homage and a way to pay my respect to this giant who gave me such inspiration over the years.“ – Sefi Zisling

Zisling channels this sentiment throughout ‘The Librarian’. “This album was made as an ode to the people I love, and I would like to dedicate this album to them,” he asserts. Shifting his process, the compositions began as harmonies, with the melodies evolving thereafter. Departing from his usual ensemble-driven style, Sefi Zisling opts for a jazz-infused intimacy inspired by Yusef Lateef’s quintet recordings.

With a smaller band, Zisling crafts a warmer, more personal atmosphere rooted in traditional jazz instrumentation like upright bass and piano, with the funkier, electronic-leaning exception of “Brothers”. Recorded live in 2021 with his quartet Noam Havkin, Tom Bollig, Omri Shani, and trombonist Yair Slutzki, ‘The Librarian’ epitomises Zisling’s evolution as a composer and performer, showcasing his most personal work yet.