Sefi Zisling

Released: 2 Apr 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Tel Aviv’s top jazz and funk trumpeter Sefi Zisling, returns with an homage to his 8 brothers and the announcement of his third album ‘The Librarian’ on Friday 14th June, which is dedicated to his loved ones.

The single features an “Edit”, alongside the original of “Brothers” with the “Edit” featuring on the vinyl.

On “Brothers”, Sefi Zisling presents a heartfelt tribute to his 8 brothers; 6 biological brothers and two adopted. Coming from a tightly knit family, Sefi expresses sincere gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned throughout the years.

“This tune is the most electric on the album, and for me, it serves as a reminder that funk/jazz-funk was my first real love growing up, and that listening to music I got to know through my older brothers like Roy Ayers and Herbie Hancock will always be a part of my musical DNA,” Sefi explains.

Zisling channels this sentiment throughout ‘The Librarian’. “This album was made as an ode to the people I love, and I would like to dedicate this album to them,” he asserts. Shifting his process, the compositions began as harmonies, with the melodies evolving thereafter. Departing from his usual ensemble-driven style, Sefi Zisling opts for a jazz-infused intimacy inspired by Yusef Lateef’s quintet recordings.

With a smaller band, Zisling crafts a warmer, more personal atmosphere, rooted in traditional jazz instrumentation like upright bass and piano, with the funkier, electronic-leaning exception of “Brothers”. Recorded live in 2021 with his quartet Noam Havkin, Tom Bollig, Omri Shani, and trombonist Yair Slutzki, ‘The Librarian’ epitomises Zisling’s evolution as a composer and performer, showcasing his most personal work yet.