Call Sender


Call Sender is a collaborative brainchild, uniting the talents of Paul Elliott, a versatile multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and engineer from Suffolk, UK, and Michael Reed, a multi-talented instrumentalist, recording engineer, and drummer residing in the Bay Area of the US.

Stemming from drumming clips shared online during the pandemic’s constraints, Paul and Michael fostered their creative partnership through the medium of Skype. This virtual collaboration resulted in a timeless jazz-funk masterpiece titled ‘Lost To The Storm’, all while living on separate continents and having yet to meet in person.

Paul Elliott, Musician, composer, producer and filmmaker, has spent over a decade immersed in music. He began his journey as a percussionist in his father’s bands, later becoming a sought-after DJ in London’s club scene. His DJ skills graced events headlined by renowned acts like The Bays, Alison Limerick, and after parties for Snoop Dogg. This exposure led him to explore music production, working as a tape-op and amassing studio gear to build his own studio.

In 2007, Paul secured his debut record deal, kickstarting a prolific career. He’s since composed, produced, and performed on over 50 albums, in addition to countless singles and production music cues. His live contributions as a session and touring musician include performances with Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (Big Crown), Jonathan Jeremiah, The Mighty Mocambos, Young Gun Silver Fox, Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, Betty Harris (USA), Chris Corcoran, Marcus Malone, Soho Radio Allstars and more.

Beyond music, Paul’s filmmaking ventures encompass directing music videos, featurettes, and directing two critically acclaimed feature-length music documentaries, “Youth – Sketch, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll,” starring world-renowned musicians Paul McCartney, David Gilmour & Boy George; and “The Library Music Film,” the first and definitive film to explore the golden age of recording and library music as told by the original composers and contemporary tastemakers, DJs, record collectors and music producers.

Currently based in Suffolk, UK, Paul is more active than ever. He’s engrossed in his compositions, library music, co-writing projects, and remote recording sessions for global artists. Among his ongoing endeavours are the commercial projects Call Sender (Tru Thoughts), Eleven76 (Mocambo Records/Farfalla Records), and Pleasurewood (Farfalla Records).

San Francisco Bay Area-based Michael Reed embarked on his rhythmic journey at a young age. Since the late 1990s, he has graced the music scene drumming, not only in his hometown but also the musical hubs of Los Angeles and New York.

Reed’s musical roots are deeply entwined with the rich traditions of soul and jazz. This profound connection serves as the bedrock for his consistent contributions to the music industry. Notably, his profound musicality finds expression through regular recordings for esteemed labels such as CB Records in San Francisco, Funk Night Records in Detroit, Raza Del Soul in San Jose, CA, and Lugnut Brand Records in Pittsburg, CA.

His self-produced drum breaks have become highly sought after by hip-hop and electronic producers. These captivating rhythms are featured on the ‘Breakables’ drum packs, an esteemed collection presented by Sndtrak and Waxcartel.

Reed’s skill extends into a versatile realm of collaborations. He regularly records and performs with Call Sender showcased by Tru Thoughts. Additionally, he lends his rhythm to Secret Sidewalk (Primal Dap Sound) and The Grease Traps (Colemine Records and Record Kicks) His rhythms are also a mainstay in assorted jazz ensembles, where his beats effortlessly blend tradition and innovation.

Together the Duo has an old-school vintage foundation with a modern perspective. Influenced by iconic acts such as Klaus Weiss, Miles Davis, and Nino Nardini, as well as obscure library tracks, experimental music, European film soundtracks and a hip and funky sonic aesthetic, Call Sender’s music is nostalgic without being pastiche, has a sense of travelling at its core, having been recorded in different parts of the globe, while never hesitating on the direction of the music.

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