Mad Mark / Nova
Call Sender

Released: 29 Aug 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

Call Sender sign to Tru Thoughts and announce their debut ‘Lost To The Storm’ (Friday 27th October) with double-single titled “Mad Mark / Nova”

Call Sender is the collaborative brainchild of Suffolk (UK) based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and engineer Paul Elliott and Bay-area (US) resident multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and drummer Michael Reed. Birthed from drumming clips uploaded online during the pandemic, Michael and Paul fostered their creative partnership through the medium of Skype, resulting in a timeless jazz-funk LP ‘Lost To The Storm’, despite living on separate continents and (yet) to meet in person.

The first offering from the album comes in the form of a double single titled ‘Mad Mark / Nova’. “Mad Mark” is the name of a sculptor that built a clandestine castle on landfill at the Albany Bulb in San Fran Bay. The track is inspired by breakdancing culture, taking the b-boy drums from the style while adding fuzz guitars and a sprinkle of synths. The result is an on-a-mission soundtrack that packs a punch with every listen. While on the other side, “Nova” is a nostalgic wonder-blend inspired by 70s French and Italian library music and named after Paul’s newly-born daughter.

Influenced by iconic acts such as Klaus Weiss, Miles Davis, and Nino Nardini, as well as obscure library tracks, experimental music, European film soundtracks and a hip and funky sonic aesthetic, Call Sender’s music is nostalgic without being pastiche, has a sense of travelling at its core, having been recorded in different parts of the globe, while never hesitating on the direction of the music.

“It was never overtly discussed but I believe we wanted to continue that tradition and have funky stuff that had a cinematic vibe to it”, says Michael. Paul adds: “I kinda thought as we were making ‘Lost To The Storm’ that it could be the soundtrack to a weird and obscure film – instrumental, funky at times, some drama.”