Midnight At Baker / Lost To The Storm
Call Sender

Released: 3 Oct 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

Jazz-Funk duo Call Sender share new single from their debut LP ‘Lost To The Storm’, including ‘Midnight At Baker’ and the album title track.

“Midnight at Baker” takes us to a time when Michael would hang out with friends at his regular late-night spot, Baker Beach in San Francisco. “The view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the solitude at that time of day is inspiring”, he adds. The song captures this atmosphere and the satisfying sensation of venturing into a place you’re not supposed to explore.

As for the title track, “Lost To The Storm”, brims with curiosity and enigma, like the remnants of an eerie drowned village. The composition intertwines intense acoustic and electronic elements, adorned with glimpses of percussion and submerged-sounding synths – motifs that echo throughout the entire album.

Influenced by iconic acts such as Klaus Weiss, Miles Davis, and Nino Nardini, as well as obscure library tracks, experimental music, European film soundtracks and a hip and funky sonic aesthetic, Call Sender’s music is nostalgic without being pastiche, has a sense of travelling at its core, having been recorded in different parts of the globe, while never hesitating on the direction of the music.

“It was never overtly discussed but I believe we wanted to continue that tradition and have funky stuff that had a cinematic vibe to it”, says Michael. Paul adds: “I kinda thought as we were making ‘Lost To The Storm’ that it could be the soundtrack to a weird and obscure film – instrumental, funky at times, some drama.”