Palm Forest (Shawn Lee Remix)
Call Sender

Released: 18 Jun 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Call Sender follow the release of their debut album “Lost To The Storm” with a rhythm-laden remix of ‘Palm Forest’ by legendary American musician, producer, award-winning video game composer, and multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee. Renowned for his musical prowess, Shawn Lee stands as a living repository of musical knowledge. Possessing a remarkable ability to effortlessly master every instrument he picks up (and there are plenty in his North London Studio ‘The Shop’), he exudes funk and effortlessly traverses genres and styles.

The ‘Palm Forest’ remix holds unique significance as in today’s musical realm, a Shawn Lee Remix is a rarity. Secondly, and most importantly, his rendition of ‘Palm Forest’ is a creation only he could conceive. With a stroke of genius, Lee has reimagined the beat, taking Call Sender on a journey through a hazy 1970s L.A., with funk and soul blaring from the radio.

“Shawn Lee’s expertly reimagined ‘Palm Forest’ moves with a shuffle backbeat and some twists and turns. It should be no surprise his endless well of creativity could carry this track to wonderful parts unknown, but alas this remix is rare in all forms” – Michael Reed

With an impressive catalogue of 34 albums released as an artist, Shawn Lee has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Lee’s collaborations span a wide spectrum, working with renowned artists such as Jeff Buckley, Kelis, Money Mark, Amy Winehouse, Darondo, Take That, Adrian Younge, Tony Joe White and Princess Superstar.