“Don’t Drop Dead feat Midva”
Kuna Maze

Released: 11 May 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

Brussels-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Kuna Maze, aka Edouard Gilbert, drops new single “Don’t Drop Dead” featuring Midva aka Nils Boyni, keyboardist from Strasbourg band Emile Londonien. It’s the latest teaser from Kuna Maze’s debut album ‘Night Shift’ (Friday 9th June), a concept record built around the journey into the night.

Kuna Maze and Midva first began collaborating on a project called ‘House Party’, an improvisation group between Kuna Maze and Emile Londonien that incorporates two dancers as part of the performances. The project debuted opening Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival, Sète and later appeared on Emile Londonien’s debut album ‘Legacy’. The new single “Don’t Drop Dead” meshes broken beat and jazz, laced with dreamy rhodes keys while capturing the energy and anticipation of the festival, being recorded just before the event started.

Kuna Maze’s debut album ‘Night Shift’ evokes the nostalgia of sweaty and smoky jazz clubs but through the prism of modern electronic music. This ethos is projected through Kuna Maze’s live band, a melting pot between the jazz and club culture of the then and now. Acting as an anthesis to the sunlight imagery often associated with broken beat, house and jazz music, ‘Night Shift’ is an ode to the city after dark, a hypnagogic whirlwind into the unknown.

“This album is about the nightlife, the party, the wandering, the weird things that can happen at night, almost supernatural sometimes, the people (weird and not) you can cross, the night shops, the people working at night…” Kuna Maze explains.