I Told U (XL Regular Remix​)​
Kuna Maze

Released: 18 Apr 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Brussels-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Kuna Maze lets XL Regular take the reins on a funk-laden bruk reworking of “I Told U”, featuring the spacey vocals of creative polymath Steve Spacek.

The Rome-based producer and DJ, XL Regular amps up the energy on the dark, dreamy “I Told U”, which was originally released on Kuna Maze’s debut album ‘Night Shift’. The track is transformed for the underground dancefloor of tomorrow with XL Regular’s vanguard flare, he adds, “Having the chance to work with Kuna’s top-notch instrumental material and Steve Spacek’s amazing voice has been a big honour for me.”.

“I really like XL Regular’s music, and the man himself as well, I’m glad to have him on remix duty on this one!” Kuna Maze says, “I love the ukg/bruk vibe on this one, he brings the original track to another direction which I like very much! Big up to him.”.

XL Regular mixes elements from genres like house, broken beat, UK garage and more, he consistently crafts a soulful sound that has become his artistic fingerprint. Showcasing his talent in producing, he has worked with labels such as ANMA, Cognitiva, Outplay, and Wicked Wax. His forthcoming solo EP on Artisjok showcases his evolution as an artist, bringing a refreshing addition to his repertoire. Whether in the studio or behind the decks, his focus remains on creating an experience of community and togetherness through music.

London-born, Sydney-based Steve Spacek, lends his ethereal vocals to the mix. A pioneer of electronic soul music, he’s collaborated with innovative labels like SPA, Eglo, Ninja Tune, Warp, K7, Island Universal, Black Focus and Exit Records.