Love Dancer feat. FiFi Robo

Released: 16 Feb 2021

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Love Dancer” is the latest single from producer and multi-instrumentalist Hemai and features lyricist and vocalist FiFi Robo.

Taken from the hotly tipped 22-year-old’s debut album ‘Strange Beauty’ (out 7th May), the track blossomed from a piano session, with instrumental sounds and flow washing over the electronic elements and showcasing the mystical musicianship of the pair.

“We put our heart into making this song more than music”, Hemai explains. “I’m an avid believer in emotive expression over logical expression. Feel over theory. It has a heart of its own.”

Developed during the UK’s lockdown the track looks to the natural world for signs of hope and healing; “Love Dancer” ebbs and flows as all of us have in difficult moments, particularly in recent months. Musically following the same pattern as waves shifting from calm to crashing, the track is a moment to pause, to breathe and to recollect; “It’s a song about acknowledging what’s going on, slowing the fear down and fighting through whatever needs fighting. A Love Dancer is a free, present person in my head”, FiFi Robo muses.