The Red Pill EP

Released: 9 Apr 2020

Label: Tru Thoughts

“The Red Pill EP” is the first self-produced offering from Flowdan.

“The Red Pill EP” looks to shed light on society and expose truths that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. As his first self-produced release, the EP is rife with the definitive Flowdan Grime sound, meshed with a selection of inspired musical highlights and talented featured artists.

Teaming up with Grime Pirate Radio King Jammz on lead track “Savage”, Flowdan reiterates the importance of having conviction in yourself. “The Red Pill EP” also features appearances from Snowman Baby whose melodic tones glide alongside Flowdan’s direct delivery on opening track “Upset” and fellow Roll Deep member Roachee. Utilising the latter’s flair for storytelling on “Time Is Money”, Flowdan’s foreboding production sets the tone as he and Roachee deliver a powerful reminder that time is money, because you will never have enough of either, and some of the dangers of this inevitability. Looking at the subject of ‘Cancel Culture’, Flowdan closes the EP with solo track “Tell Me Nothing”.