South London-based producer, DJ, illustrator and graphic designer Greg Haynes AKA Fybe:One has been releasing, remixing and collaborating on music for the better part of a decade. Creating detailed, melodic tracks that sit across the realms of house, garage and dubstep, his releases – beats and songs alike – are all underpinned with experimental production and a variation of emotion and tempos. Previous supporters of his work include Gilles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Lauren Laverne and Laurent Garnier.

Joining forces with DJ Herse, Duct and Owen Howells, Fybe:One set up the Shades label in 2011. During its lifetime, the label put out releases from Sieren, Boxwork, Dan White, Royce Wood Jr & Stac, Chairman Kato and Warsnare.

Fybe:One self-released his debut EP “Harp” in 2012 as owner of the Shades label. The release was followed by a remix album featuring reworkings from the likes of Deft, Troy Gunner and Blaksmif. Fybe:One’s debut LP ‘Elements’ was released in 2014 and saw further collaborations with Deft, Francesca Belmonte, Zelda Marshall and Altrego.

Alongside his own releases, Fybe:One produced Jono McCleery’s album ‘There Is’ (Ninja Tune) as well as remixes for Monokle, Skip&Die, Howson’s Groove, Deft, Part Time Heroes, Boxwork, Christa Vi, Motsa, Pistol Shrimp, Royce Wood Jr and Warsnare. These tracks have appeared across releases from WahWah45, Eton Messy, Project Mooncircle, Substruct, Diffrent Music and more.

With the arrival of his two sons bringing about a change in pace, Fybe:One has spent the past few years exploring new genres and sounds and collaborating with the likes of Liam Bailey. He has occasional shows on Music Box Radio and AAJA Radio and has compiled mixes for brands such as Shore Projects and Brydon Brothers.

He also creates album covers, graphics and illustrations for Project Mooncircle, EMI, Cavendish Music and more.

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