Blue (Sly5thAve Remix)
Space Captain

Released: 24 Jan 2018

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Blue (Sly5thAve Remix)” sees the multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer rework the melodic exploration of this track, centred around bluesy trumpet breakdowns and floating guitars, into what Sly5thAve calls “a cosmic freakout”. Creating an enticingly fresh harmony with additional keyboards, horns and drum machines, the fellow Tru Thoughts Brooklyn-based artist builds this remix around Maralisa’s soulful vocals; “The main element from the original that I used was the vocal” Sly5thAve explains; “At first I chopped it up and did a bunch of takes improvising on the midi controller but then ended up scaling that way back and using the lead vocal throughout”. The reworking was mixed by Simon Guzman and mastered by Will ‘Quantic’ Holland at Selva Recording, Brooklyn.