Hours (Alt. Version)
Space Captain

Released: 6 Dec 2017

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Hours (Alt. Version)” sees the Brooklyn band rework one of “All Flowers In Time”‘s most intimate moments.

“This acoustic version of ‘Hours’ we recorded features friends and fellow NY musicians Jake Sherman, H3R and Léla Sophia. Jake is an organist, keyboard player and singer/songwriter who plays with Nick Hakim and Bilal, among others, but also has his own project under his name that’s amazing. H3R, which includes our keyboardist and background vocalist Joy Morales, is an R&B trio made up Taj Sapp, Dacia Kings, and Joy. We all went to The New School together and they’re incredible singers, so this group (which is fairly new) has been super exciting to watch grow. Léla Sophia is another classmate and close friend of mine from The New School who has her own R&B project and the most gorgeous soprano voice. The song Hours already had a pretty acoustic feel to it but I really wanted to expand the sound by replacing my own backgrounds from the record version with other voices. We also had the idea to strip this song back a ton and have the organ in the front, so Jake was the perfect person to include!” – Maralisa (Nov ’17)