Giya feat. Toya Delazy

Released: 14 Mar 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Giya” is the new collaboration between producer and DJ WheelUP and Afrorave pioneer, Zulu sister, and live member of WheelUP’s band, Toya Delazy. “Giya” is a polyrhythmic track and celebratory dance in Zulu culture.

It’s the latest single taken from WheelUP’s sophomore album ‘We Are The Magic’, a forward-thinking record built around concepts such as the law of attraction, humanitarianism, and spiritualism, while adding to the broken beat canon. The LP boasts collaborations with a host of talent: Kaidi Tatham, Sam Interface, Abacus, Victoria Port (Anushka), and Steelo – and has been praised by the likes of Gilles Peterson (Best of 2022), DJ Mag, Jaguar (BBC Radio 1), Tarzsa (BBC 6Music), Beatport and more.

Connecting through DJ, broadcaster and label owner Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce imprint and club night, WheelUP and Toya Delazy have been staunch friends and collaborators since, both performing in each other’s projects at festivals and shows across Europe. Talking about “Giya” and linking with Toya, Danny adds: “When you Giya, you do it when you celebrate. Toya Delazy is a legit Zulu princess, and I am Ndebele (who are part of the Zulus.) So this connection between myself and Tiya is almost a connection on a spiritual and tribal level.”

Toya Delazy is a London-based, South-African singer, producer, pianist, dancer and performer, known for her signature music genre called ‘Afrorave’, infusing techno, drum & bass, and beats with Zulu lyricism. Growing up in Zululand, Toya has a strong sense of the power of her Zulu ancestry: a people who defeated British colonial forces, facing gunfire with spears. It’s this awareness and her own identity as a queer, gender-non-confirming person which encourages her to centre positive energy and a spirit of empowerment in her music.