Alice Russell

Released: 7 Mar 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Much-loved British soulstress Alice Russell shares new single ‘Gravity’, an orchestral love song with a classical theme, about regaining truth and deciding love is something worth fighting for. Written and produced by long-time collaborator TM Juke, ‘Gravity’ is the latest single taken from Alice Russell’s highly anticipated upcoming record ‘I Am’, the most personal album of Alice’s career. Vulnerable and bold, ‘I Am’ addresses how we must all work on ourselves to heal – so that we can love and connect with those and the world around us more honestly and deeply.

Talking about the meaning and thematic structure of the new single ‘Gravity’ TM Juke explains: “The verse moves from suspicion to trust, while the chorus is about giving into that trust and letting the process envelope you. It’s as natural as gravity, and we see it all around us. The idea that love is like a flower, you cup it gently in your hands, don’t squeeze it too tight. Attend to it gently and let it grow.”

Expertly combining the benefits of a comprehensive musical education with his reactionary love of laptop-based music, TM Juke (aka Alex Cowan) has established himself as a prodigious songwriter and arranger, a broadminded and captivating DJ and an exceptionally talented producer. ‘Gravity’ is characterised by its stripped-back nature, allowing the bare bones of the emotive subject to be brought to the forefront. TM Juke’s creative production technique of recording vocals and strings at higher pitches and dropping them down in key gives the track a weighted feeling, like gravity pulling the song down to earth.

Alice Russell is universally acclaimed as one of the best modern soul voices of our time, while her raw talent and charisma commands attention and affection. ‘I Am’ is the first offering of new music from the iconic singer in over a decade and marks a new era in the remarkable career of the down-to-earth vocal powerhouse. This summer, Alice graced the main stage of Gilles Peterson’s We Out Here, supported Nile Rogers and performed as part of a tribute to Aretha Franklin across France, marking her return to the stage, where she belongs.