The 13th Version
Lightning Head , BiggaBush

Released: 26 Mar 2021

Label: Tru Thoughts

‘The 13th Version’ is a collection of remixes, bonus tracks, and dubs taken from Glyn “Bigga” Bush aka Lightning Head’s ‘13 Faces Of Lightning Head’ album. Originally released on the veteran electronic dub producer’s own label Lion Head Recordings in 2014, ‘The 13th Version’ sees the likes of post-dubstep producer Geode, the alter ego of guitarist Marcos Garcia (from bands Daktaris and Antibalas) Chico Mann, former Tru Thoughts act Diesler, and many more reimagine Biggabush’s work.

“I really wanted to encourage other producers to do interpretations of the album without any pre-conceptions and showcase these in a standalone album. Multiple styles, equally good on headphones or on the floor” Glyn explains.

Internationally known for his work as midi-maestro with Rockers Hi Fi during the 1990s and since the turn of the century his work on Sonar Kollektiv and Stereo Deluxe as Biggabush and Lightning Head. These days Glyn can be found working in his studio in Dorset and spearheading the versatile percussion-group Magic Drum Orchestra on Tru Thoughts.

‘13 Faces Of Lightning Head’ featured the guest vocals from Earl Zinger (Gilles Peterson’s and Kruder & Dorfmeister’s live MC), Candice Cannabis (NYC rapper for Bigmama Industries) the late and great Venezuelan dub star Blanquito Man (Up, Bustle & Out/King Chango) and Belfast-based Nigerian MC Lariman (Calibre, Analogue Minefield, Firehouse Skank). The remix LP ‘The 13th Version’ takes these features further, boasting remixes from San Francisco producer Romanowski, Barcelona-based Watch TV, Brazilian samba vibes curtsey of Ventoux, and plenty of extended versions and dubs from Biggabush himself.

‘The 13th Version’ spans across afrobeat, afro-funk, afro-jazz, ethio-funk, dub, rap, samba… the list goes on, but Coldcut’s Matt Black describes it best: ‘Fela-electronics”. 13 different faces of one uncut gem, becomes ten stellar remixes, each with its own way of dazzling, now re-released on Tru Thoughts.