Welcome To London (J​.​Sparrow Remix)

Released: 2 Jun 2020

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Welcome To London (J.Sparrow Remix)” is the sought after remix that tore apart main stages at festivals across Europe last summer. The original track from infamous Roll Deep MC Flowdan, taken from the critically acclaimed album ‘Full Metal Jacket’, features production from Plastician. Leeds based heavyweight producer J.Sparrow brings the track to the dancefloor with consistently powerful pace and energy matching the formidable nature of the track’s lyrics.

“Welcome To London” tackles the daunting nature of the city; one that may seem welcoming and beautiful to tourists, but not to those who experience it in day to day life. Shining a dark light on his hometown, Flowdan explores the melting pot of London and the instincts that bring its diverse population together.

The remix has also been made available as a very limited white label 12″ vinyl pressing on Navy Cut.