Please Don’t feat. J Harli
Ebi Soda

Released: 9 Mar 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

Ebi Soda ‘step outside of jazz’ on new single “Please Don’t” featuring vocalist J Harli

On the outskirts of the contemporary jazz scene emerging from London, Ebi Soda are swiftly gaining a reputation as exciting newcomers to the genre. As staunch anti-traditionalists, Ebi Soda seek to experiment and defy expectation at every turn. “Please Don’t” see’s the band live up to their mantra of a band with no rules, stepping outside of the sphere of jazz, linking with long-time friend and frequent collaborator J Harli. “Please Don’t” is stepped in UKG motifs using a 2-step rhythm, chopped up jazz-keys, and auto-tuned vocals, all catalysing the track as a powerful and playful creative tool.

Talking about the song, Ebi’s guitarist Conor says: “This tune was more about having fun and trying something different, and expressing ourselves outside of jazz in the process. It’s important to not only not pigeon-hole yourself as an artist, but also to keep things as fresh in our approach as possible.”

It’s their debut teaser from an incoming collaborations-based project exploring the band’s influences outside of jazz and working with singers, MCs, and those that sit somewhere in between. The electronic side has always been core to Ebi Soda’s approach, bonding over a love of synthesisers and audio effects, incorporating and testing the limits of how they integrate within a jazz quintet framework.

“Please Don’t feat. J Harli” is the latest follow-up of new music to Ebi Soda’s highly acclaimed sophomore full-length album ‘Honk If You’re Sad’, a record described as “hard-jamming, mercurial beat-jazz for the internet-brained” and was praised by The Vinyl Factory, Clash, Jamz Supernova (BBC 1Xtra), Jamie Cullum (BBC Radio 2) and many more.