Senior Don
Crafty 893

Released: 21 Jul 2022

Label: Tru Thoughts

Rising south-London MC, producer, engineer, & creative vanguard Crafty 893 shares cold new single ‘Senior Don’. Inspired by Crafty’s love for the Adult Swim sitcom The Boondocks which he cites as a “big part of my childhood”, lyrically ‘Senior Don’ metaphorically flips “real-life serious situations into a joke”. “Senior Don” follows the punchline-king single “Boot It (Intro)” that saw visuals drop with the scene’s essential outlet GRM Daily and a first play from the legendary selector Sir Spyro (BBC 1Xtra).

Both tracks form part of Crafty 893’s highly anticipated second LP ‘Boot It’, a record that expands the parameters of Crafty’s musical experimentation. ‘Boot It’ demonstrates Crafty’s musical evolution and versatility, moving away from the straight-up grime sound on his debut album ‘Smart Dumb’ and beat-style production on ‘Weapon X’. Instead, the album effortlessly and organically switches it up between a palette of UK sounds such as Rap, Trap, Drill and Afro-Swing with Crafty MCing, singing and sometimes even amalgamating the two in a unique way, all while staying true to Crafty’s foundational grime roots. With no features across the LP, Crafty doesn’t mess around on ‘Boot It’; writing, MCing, producing, recording, mixing, mastering, as well as leading in the visual and creative direction single-handedly. ‘“It’s about my journey from 2019 to the present day. It is documented in this new project, laying out situations and elements in my life for the past four years.” He adds, “This is a UK album, this is no Future or Lil Uzi Vert”.

‘Boot It’ follows Crafty’s instrumental concept LP ‘Weapon X’ and critically acclaimed debut album ‘Smart Dumb’, which featured legends in the scene such as Big Zuu, Sir Spyro and Manga Saint Hilaire. ‘Smart Dumb’ won over the likes of Mixtape Madness, GRM Daily, Sir Spyro (BBC 1Xtra) and saw Crafty grace the cover of Spotify’s iconic Grime Shutdown playlist.

Since the release of his debut project on Tru Thoughts “Induction EP”, Crafty has been on a non-stop trajectory; executively producing Big Zuu’s debut album ‘Navigate’; performing alongside JME at Maiden Voyage festival as part of his Grime MC FM tour; producing ads for giants such as Adidas x Jacamo and Pret a Manger; as well as being an in-demand producer for a whole host of MCs, including Venezuelan-British artist Fluffy on the reggaeton tune ‘Besame’. As Crafty perfectly summarises: “Crafty 893 is a genre – no one tells me what to do, versatility is my best ability”. Most recently, Crafty has produced the soundtrack for Big Zuu’s Breakfast Show on ITV and Big Zuu’s Big Eats (where he makes a cameo) on Dave