Solar Power (Tyler Daley Remix)

Released: 16 Nov 2023

Label: Tru Thoughts

MELONYX’s “Solar Power” gets a rewind-worthy UK Garage breakdown from Tyler Daley, one half of the duo Children of Zeus. The soulful vocals sit atop Tyler’s kinetic percussion, low-passed harmonics and swooping bassline. The soul sister duo, Georgia Copeland and Nadia Latoya, give thanks to God, the sun and everything that is divine about womankind.

With an impressive roster of collaborations including notable features like Ghetts, Goldie, Shy FX and Bugzy Malone to name a few, Tyler Daley’s unique artistry plays on his pioneering stature and longevity in the game. On this remix, the highly acclaimed, Mancunian artist ups the tempo of “Solar Power” and switches the slower, floating soundscape to a heavy bassline and syncopated drum pattern, paired with the R&B vocal chops from MELONYX. “Solar Power (Tyler Daley Remix)” serves as a glowing reminder to take moments to dance, absorb and exude positivity.

MELONYX add, ““Solar Power” is our love letter, ode, and homage to the Sun-Giver of life and light… our purest source of vitamin D and a natural antidepressant; we stay in a constant state of yearning for its healing radiance.”

The original track, produced by Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist J-Felix, glows with funk-tinged joy as Wurlitzer keys play around slaps and bops of a synth-fuelled bassline. Charged by a horn-heavy groove–courtesy of J-Felix bandmates Jack Kendon and Will Gardner