Give Me The Night
Hot 8 Brass Band

Released: 14 Dec 2018

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Give Me The Night” is the next single from New Orleans’ Hot 8 Brass Band to follow the release of their infectious reimagining of “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, the video for which was featured by Rolling Stone. Both tracks feature on the band’s upcoming “Take Cover EP” due for release in early 2019 to coincide with new European tour dates (see details overleaf). Here the Grammy-nominated group have put their memorable cover version skills to work on George Benson’s timeless disco hit.

Having been announced to perform as part of Jools Holland’s New Year’s Eve Hootenanny, alongside the likes of Nile Rodgers & Chic, Rudimental and George Erza, and with a live session for Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music) at Maida Vale(BBC 6Music) happening on Friday 14th December, it goes without saying that the reception to the band’s superlative single “Love Will Tear Us Apart” has been nothing short of sublime. In this video, director Maria Zbaska captures the love and loneliness experienced by Hot 8 members and the people of New Orleans, in a heart-warming tribute to a resilient city. The band continues to pay homage to their hometown, in their latest brass cover for “Give Me The Night”.

“This was just one of those tunes we listened to as a group and just decided to go for it”, band leader Bennie Pete explains. “We knew that people would like it because it was a hip tune. So we just went for it, and the more we played it the more people were requesting to hear us play it.” Anchoring the cover in the memories of the band walking the streets of the city, they explain the nostalgic importance of their output: “R&B and pop tunes like ‘Give Me The Night’ or ‘Sexual Healing’ were always being played on our jukeboxes and radios throughout the neighbourhood and houses ­– growing up our parents blazed those tunes.”