How Deep (Nuff Pedals Remix)

Released: 19 Feb 2020

Label: Tru Thoughts

“How Deep (Nuff Pedals Remix)” sees experimental producer Nuff Pedals rework an original track from solo producer, singer and songwriter Rhi, taken from her self-produced album ‘The Pale Queen’. Set against a bruk groove, the reworking builds as Rhi’s vocals shimmer across a dancefloor backdrop that bounces between bass and funk. Having recently released on the Gutterfunk label, Nuff Pedals have had support from the likes of Gilles Peterson (BBC 6Music) and Mixmag and are known to be the “the super-secret alias of an artist that you already know and love.”

In a theme throughout the LP, Rhi utilises ‘The Pale Queen’ as an opportunity to call out the disingenuity of people and explore the idea that we are the sum of our choices.  “How Deep” encourages the listener to make a conscious decision of who they want to be. “It’s a sobering kind of freedom”. Rhi explains, “it’s kind of to do with existentialism. One you accept responsibility for yourself, you realise it’s all down to you.”