Plain Jane

Released: 2 Aug 2019

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Plain Jane” is the latest single from solo producer, singer and songwriter Rhi, taken from her self- produced upcoming album ‘The Pale Queen’ (out 4th October), it offers an extraordinarily open self-evaluation, rooted in truth and dry humour.

“Plain Jane” sees Rhi take a tongue-in-cheek look at herself, backed by her quintessential smooth beats and production style highlighting her low-maintenance mentality. Rhi explains, “A lot of artists big themselves up in their music. I decided to paint a real picture of myself instead.” A refreshing change to the tendency to self-promote that can often be found within the industry, she presents herself as someone relatable and honest, as light-hearted self-deprecation blends with high quality production, creating an incredible electronic sound that never takes itself too seriously.

Shot as a contemporary 35mm film, the video for “Plain Jane” shows Rhi slowly make her way around the city of Vancouver as cars and people rapidly move around her, the grittier texture of the footage relating to the grungy images throughout the track; “For this song, I wanted to play up the feeling of being anonymous in a void, being alone despite being surrounded by people. I wanted to do this by experimenting with motion and speed.”