Monoxide feat. MonoNeon, MacKenzie & Peter Knudsen

Released: 18 Jan 2024

Label: Tru Thoughts

Sly5thAve drops symphonic funk-hop single “Monoxide” and announces his eagerly awaited album ‘Liberation’

“Monoxide feat. MonoNeon, MacKenzie & Peter Knudsen” is the second offering from producer, composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Sly5thAve. Known for his sophisticated compositions Sly5thAve’s sound is shaped by his faith in hip-hop, and deep understanding of soul, R&B and jazz.

Sly5thAve felt liberated upon completing his album ‘Liberation’, a sentiment that shaped the album’s title. In navigating through creative tribulations, Sly5thAve deliberately allocated time for introspection, redirecting the artistic focus inward. Resulting in a harmonious balance of collaborative efforts and independent musings throughout the album.

The driving force behind “Monoxide feat. MonoNeon, MacKenzie & Peter Knudsen” was the bassline MonoNeon laid down for the album track “Actin Whyte”, which catalysed the entire piece. Sly5thAve reflects on the process, “I was editing everything together and then was super inspired when I heard it.” Sly5thAve describes the track as residing on the edge of hip-hop but still firmly rooted in funk. The drone of the groove is emphasised, with sampled drums contributing an unrelenting loop, punctuated by brief moments of release when they momentarily drop out, an auditory experience that, in Sly5thAve’s words, “just hits you over the head.” The very essence of the song’s title, “Monoxide,” draws parallels to the nature of gas that goes undetected until it’s too late, a metaphor for the gradual and entrancing way the groove creeps into the listener’s system over time.