Ancestors (Souleance Remix)

Released: 6 Mar 2019

Label: Tru Thoughts

“Ancestors (Souleance Remix)” is the latest single from ‘Cohesion’, the third album from Tokyo-born, London-based electronic producer Anchorsong (aka Masaaki Yoshida). This French-funky remix of “Ancestors” is by the Parisian partnership of producer Fulgeance and DJ Soulist, as Souleance.

Souleance apply their funk/tropical touch to the track, adding a different twist from the original, amping up the tempo and bass, while restoring the root-vibe of the track, with its rawness and deepness. Applying their French funky vibes, known as the Souleance sound, the pair rework the song with a deep ambiance that is also dance-floor ready. In the words of the artist; “Since we heard the steel drums, we felt this one could have a tropical touch, and also a club/dance thing, keeping a low tempo vibe, and once again a percussive touch.”