Common Ground / Tech Support & Hemai Remixes

Released: 28 Oct 2021

Label: Tru Thoughts

London-based Japanese producer Anchorsong follows his critically acclaimed fourth album ‘Mirage’ with the rhythmically laden ‘Common Ground’ the package also includes an industrial-chug remix from London-producer and DJ Tech Support of “Remedy”, and a spellbinding re-imagination by fellow Tru Thoughts label-mate, singer-songwriter and producer Hemai of “Common Ground”.

“Common Ground is the first track I completed for the Mirage session. The rhythm track has a subtle African touch. The other melodic elements including choir and harp were chosen and built around the beat, and suddenly I saw the general direction of the album.” Anchorsong says. Commenting on the new remixes he adds: “The two talented producers transformed my own creations gracefully with their unique visions and approaches, which are very different from mine”

‘Mirage’ is a record that evokes hazy soundscapes constructed with wind instrumentals, choirs, and global sonic particles. Building on the MPC wizard’s long-standing tradition of “borderless music”, the album fuses intricate rhythms with minimal yet immersive lush interplays of sound, to create an auditory odyssey. ‘Mirage’ marks a departure from Anchorsong’s previous two albums’ – ‘Ceremonial’ and ‘Cohesion’ – specific geographical references. Instead, the album which was half-written during lockdown and during a time when nobody could travel, sees Masaaki internalise his global influences and worldview to conjure a “vague landscape that only exists in my mind”.